CASL CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT                                                        

General Information                                                                 

1) This is an elimination Tournament                                                                 

a) No game will end in a tie - If a game is tied at end of regulation then there will be up to..                                                               

1) 2  ten minute over time periods with golden goals, if still tied at the end of second over time..                                                                

2) penalty kicks from the mark                                                                

b)  if you win you will continue to play weekly                                                                     

c)  if you lose you are out of the schedule unless..                                                                

2) There may be a need for a wild card team in the schedule                                                                 

a) Wild card teams will be based on the losing team with the highest number of points (see e mail outlined point structure)                                                                     

b) If two teams are tied in points for the Wild Card position the two teams will be required to play a Wednesday night game to determine who goes forward.                                                                  

3) Tournament Rosters are frozen after 1st tournament game..exceptions..        

a team may replace an injured player .. to replace an injured player a team must submit an official release request to the league   registrar by Friday 12 noon prior to game.

4) Tournament Schedules will be updated (weekly)  by Thursdays:

a) game scores from Sunday games need to be submitted by Tuesday mornings to the league scorekeeper

b) game scores from Wednesday night games MUST be submitted immediately (2 hours) after the game to the league scorekeeper

c) teams with higher points will be listed as home and with field / time\preferences

d) no protests of games will be allowed

5) Teams that are eliminated can:

a)  continue to scrimmage (individually) on open fields

b) contact their division scheduler if they would like to be included in a scrimmage schedule

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